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Providing a unique source for Poets Laurel or Italian Ruscus
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Nine year old potted plant.
Nine year old potted plant.
Nine year old bare root plant.
Nine year old bare root plant.
Five to Six year old bare root plants.
Five to Six year old bare root plants.

Shady Days Nursery has been growing "Poets Laurel or Italian Ruscus" for over 25 years.
'Danae Racemosa' is the scientific name of this species with lustrious dark green foliage.
An excellant evergreen that can tolerate the deepest of shade while also doing well in the filtered light areas of the garden. Another attribute is the production of beautiful large red berries in the Fall lasting several months. There is very low maintenance involved in growing this plant with the only pruning needed is the removal of older stems.

Cultural Information

Bright Red Berries
that last months
  • Does well in a wide range of soil types but prefers a moist well drained area.
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • No serious insect or disease problems.
  • Not eaten by deer
  • Recommended for Zones 7 - 9.
  • Requires only general purpose slow release fertilizer in Spring.
  • Thrives in Shady Areas and will withstand 2 - 3 hours of morning sun.

  • Excellant for borders.
  • Good for massing.
  • Great foliage for floral arrangements.
  • Does well in north facing environment
Great for Decorating

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